An old song, A new song, And a song that isn't ours.

by Suburban Hypocrites

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Like the title says, We re-recorded a song off our demo, a new song, and a cover song. If you can track down a physical copy of this EP, it has a bonus sloppy live track. Winner!


released November 13, 2015

Nick Campbell- Vox
Taras Maskiw- Guitar
Lucas Kroeger- Bass/Vox
Travis Kroeger- Drums

Cover photo by Liz D'Alessio (Studio D'Alessio)

"We're Only Gonna Die"
Originally Performed by Bad Religion
©1982 Epitaph Records


all rights reserved



Suburban Hypocrites Winnipeg, Manitoba

We play fast, sloppy punk rock.


Travis- Drums
Luc- Bass
Taras- Guitar
Nick- Vocals

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Track Name: Turn It Down To Zero (...and break the knob off)
the story's years old
always bought
never sold
the substance to the slaves.
so follow the leader
with wool over your eyes
a victim to the game

it's almost disgusting
we're aimlessly thrusting
our hands into the sky
never a question
we just do as we're told
we smile and don't ask "why?"

the last time we rose up
we fell down and shut up
and hung our heads in shame
what once was held sacred
now fills me with hatred
a manufactured pain
why should we drop it?
when we can just stop it
and all quit listening

the weekly top 40
country music bullshit
it all just sounds the same
and it sucks.
Track Name: The MLCC
The MLCC's always fuckin' with me
I just wanna drink
yeah i wanna feel free
I look like im 12
and I forgot my ID
So no more beer for me

Ordering beer
only two at a time
for an arm and a leg
in a long ass line
in a small ass cup
such a waste of time
fuck the MLCC.

No 40 ouncers
they pushed them aside
instead we are bingeing
on dirty boxed wine
to me it's just fun
but to you it's a crime
the MLCC hates me

{Repeat Chorus}

So let's homebrew our beer
and moonshie or wine
fuck alcohol taxes
they're just organized crime
just a modern day tactic
to keep you in line

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